Colored Light Therapy
Where do the glass filters come from?
As a professional glass studio, I have access to high quality glass. I cut and bevel the glass myself. Being chief cook and bottle washer, I also get to label, stow, pack and ship all the spectrochrome filters. Actually, this is noticeably beneficial to my health and chi.

How much do you need to know to do a spectrochrome tonation?
Everything you need to know is written out in the information sheet that comes with the filters.

Do I need to buy anything else besides the illumination kit?

From health professionals:
Is it awkward to incorporate spectrochrome therapy into my work space?

My first suggestion would be to take the CLT Course. It discusses various arrangements.
If there isn't time to take the Course, your questions can be answered on the phone.

What about home use? Is it easy to set up?
The instruction sheet that comes with the spectrochrome glass filters provides everything you need to know. If you follow the guidelines, it is surprisingly simple and easy.

Do you have a question?

Use this convenient link to send me an email. rose@coloredlighttherapy.com