Colored Light Therapy

Original Light Studio was founded in 1975
It is a glass studio specializing in color therapy.

Glass has been used in color therapy since the middle ages.
Most recently it was used to reproduce the Dinshah Spectrochrome colors.

By 1993, glass production in the USA had grown and become stabilized. Once again it became possible to produce the spectrochrome colors in glass, instead of gels. Glass has many advantages over gels.

In 1993, Rose Peterson (founder of Original Light Studio) spent a year collecting and calibrating the glass that became the filter set. The Spectrochrome Glass Filters™ are always monitored to assure clinical standards.

Original Light Studio also produces a complete line of
Holistic Color Therapy products.
Visit Holistic Color Therapy.

Besides specializing in color therapy, the studio also creates glass art windows and glass sculpture. If you would like to visit the glass galleries, take this link over to Colored Light Therapy.com  the parent website. On the home page, you will see a selection of glass categories to choose from.

By the way, the Spectrochrome Glass Filters ™ and Kits are also on the parent website: www.coloredlighthterapy.com

All glass-work on the site is by Rose Peterson.


Lotus Window for Door
2 1/2 feet x 3 feet
Private collection.  Wash. D.C.
Dream Bear Bent Glass Sculpture
Possibly the largest bent glass sculpture ever made. 3 feet X 3 feet
Private collection. LA, CA

Right: Inset door for armoire
4 feet x 1 1/2 feet
Private collection. Vail, CO