GLASS  FILTERS


Glass Spectrochrome Therapy Filters
are calibrated to produce the Dinshah colors.

Spectrochrome Glass Filters™ is the original glass filter set used to produce the colors required in "Let There Be Light".  Formulated in 1993, these glass filters are now used in clinics world wide. Whether you practice at home or professionally, you will enjoy the Spectrochrome Glass Filters and the  Illumination Kit.

The new Spectrochrome Glass Filters & Illumination Kit makes spectrochrome therapy simple and easy. Instructions are included for practical home use and basic clinical work. See our page "Filters and Kit" to view the illumination kit. It is an elegant solution for spectrochrome practice.

Glass Filters have many advantages over gel products.
  • The color does not deteriorate.
  • Glass filters do not warp.
  • Tonations are 20 minutes per color.

In today's time-crunching life style, glass filters make all the difference. Check out the Spectrochrome Glass Filters and Illumination Kit. It has everything you need...at an affordable price.

Are you interested in indepth spectrochrome therapy?
The Colored Light Therapy Course is a compilation of the national workshops. The workshops have been assembled into a complete instruction for spectrochrome therapy and holistic color therapy. Click on "Classes" for  a free overview of the sections on spectrochrome.

Color Therapy is a powerful addition to your home or clinic.
And glass filters are a joy to work with.